First anniversary (8 Oct 2014)

Exactly one year ago today, I embarked on the adventure of blogging. With absolutely no experience on social media – I have never been on facebook or twitter, let alone on instagram or tinder – blogging required much trepidation. This will be my 24th post regarding Carleton’s Board Governors, i.e. on average two per month, which is admittedly far more often than the board convenes in open session. I hope these postings have been relevant and timely. Fortunately, the followers of this blog, including several people who surreptitiously read these postings (we would not want to leave a paper trail), have been very supportive. But even more important, the people who I have not agreed with and who have not agreed with me have been inordinately gracious and allowed me to speak my mind. I do not think of the people I have criticized in this blog as enemies, but rather consider them more like collegial debating adversaries who truly challenge me, all of us in the common goal of improving Carleton for future students and researchers. Other than the inapplicable use of the word ‘enemy’, the following song lyrics by Al Stewart and Peter Morgan (1970) capture the true pleasure of serving on the Board of Governors:

I was jumping to conclusions.

And one of the jumped back.

And my enemies have sweet voices.

Their tones are soft and kind.

When I hear my heart rejoices.

I do not seem to mind.

To all of you, many thanks!


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