Monthly Archives: January 2017

[The following is a re-posting of the announcement of an upcoming protest]

On January 12, 2017, Carleton’s President Roseann Runte sent a letter to students, staff, and faculty complaining about protesters on campus, who she called “noisy persons” that are “contravening the basic principle of a civil society” by “the din” of “what they consider to be their right to freedom of speech.” After a peaceful protest in 2015, the Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors said students’ protest “has no place in a lawful democratic society.” Join with other “noisy persons” to protest a closed-door meeting of the University Board of Governors (BOG) on February 2, 2017 to make sure the voices of students and workers at Carleton are heard.

Sexual Violence Policy
On December 1, 2016, the BOG voted in a draft of the sexual violence policy that did not adequately meet the needs of the student body. Furthermore, workers and TAs were denied the opportunity to speak to the BOG on the policy. Join us on the 2nd of February to let the Board know that more work must be done to ensure the Sexual Violence Policy meets the needs of students and workers. The campaign page is

Infrastructure Resilience Research Group (IRRG)
Oppose the university’s sponsorship of the Infrastructure Resilience Research Group (IRRG), an on-campus group working with industry and law enforcement to criminalize protest against huge energy and resource development projects. Carleton and the IRRG held a Symposium November 14-15, 2016 under the theme “The Challenges of Dealing with Natural Resource Development Projects and Activism” which brought together “prosecutors, lawyers, regulators, law enforcement, industry and industry association representatives” to coordinate the use of police powers and anti-terrorism legislation against protestors and Indigenous peoples such as in the brutal attacks at Standing Rock, North Dakota against those protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline on Indigenous land.

The on-campus closing event of the Symposium on November 15, 2016 was shut down by students, and campus organizations are calling on Carleton University to shut down the IRRG and end its support for criminalizing dissent. Make sure our voices in support of rights are heard at the Board of Governors meeting on February 2, 2017! For more information see: